We only list professional or historical quality instruments on this site. There is no charge for listing or purchasing from this site. You will deal directly with the owner of any instrument you are interested in. You might be asking then how do we make money... The answer is we don't. This is an entirely free service, founded mainly to facilitate the ownership of German brass instruments, although we will list any professional instrument on the site. We are most interested in German rotary trumpets.

You can sell your professional quality used instrument here on GermanBrass.com at no charge. Just contact us here.

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New Featured Manufacturers:
Amrein Rotary Trumpets
Alexander Weimann Bb, C, Eb Rotary Trumpets
Alexander Weimann Bb Rotary & Piston Flugelhorns

Used Instruments for Sale:
Scherzer Bb Rotary
Pre-war Italian Eb/D Cazzani Trumpet

Recently Sold Used Instruments:
Sold! Weinman C Rotary
Sold! Schilke Eb/D Trumpt with 2 Schilke bells, slides & additional B Eb bell
Sold! Gold Plated Bach ML 37 Bb Trumpet
Sold! Bach C Trumpet 229 Laskey Conversion
Sold! Bach Longbell Eb Trumpet, Malone/DrValve Conversion
Sold! Schilke A2C C Cornet
Sold! Yamaha Hand Built Viennese Model 937 Rotary
Sold! Heckel Bb Rotary #1
Sold! Heckel Bb Rotary #2
Sold! Yamaha-Heckel C Rotary
Sold! Pre-war German Heckel Rotary Bb Trumpet
Sold! Monke Rotary C Trumpet
Sold! Baumann Rotary C Trumpet
Sold! GDR Rotary Bb Trumpet
Sold! Bach Bb Cornet
Sold! Bach S Pipe C Trumpet
Sold! Yamaha Bb Cornet
Sold! Original French Besson Meha Bb Trumpet
Sold! Conn Constellation Bb Trumpet

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Our used instruments are sold directly by the owners and this site does not charge a commission nor any fees for listing instruments. If you purchase an instrument from this site your transaction is with the buyer directly. GermanBrass.com, Resource Marketing, Inc. and the webmaster make no warranties regarding the suitability of any transaction entered into via information obtained from this site, nor shall be held liable for any damages arising therefrom.

We are most interested in rotary trumpets, specifically German rotary trumpets. If you are interested in selling some quality used brass instruments, or if you are a brass instrument manufacturer that is interested in setting up new dealers, please use our contact form to let us know and we will get back with you soon. Please note that we are primarily interested in advertising rotary trumpets for the benefit of the trumpet community.

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